The Intro

Posted by Ruben Rodarte on

Grxndwell Jean Co. started in 2014 in DTLA on the corner of Washington and Hill, on the 13th floor penthouse. The only unit with a patio over- looking the west and south of Los Angeles scenery. This created the inspiration for a denim line. In the beginning Grxndwell Apparel was being built to cater to the skate community with affordable skate products made in china. Later after spending much time up on the L.A roof tops, enjoying what Cali has to offer and the views, we met a lot of great people that still hustle the old school way in L.A and produce garments. So we decided to create a clothing line based around the jean made in L.A., which was a test run to see if it was even worth it. The idea was to support a fading away art form of denim jean making in Los Angeles California. At the same time create pieces with denim that other high end denim lines used. To create our own style with great fabrics at a reasonable price for anyone to be able to buy and enjoy.  We wanted to create long lasting jeans to make its own name in the scene, like anyone with a dream strives to achieve. So we took our time to marinate all the pieces just right, to deliver a great product and one can be proud to own.